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​Help Your Child or Student Succeed with the Tools and Techniques Found in These Resources:
Products and Services for Parents, Professionals and Educators 

Nurturing Parenting Program 

​Facilitate the NP for Parents and Their Children with Special Needs and Health Challenges, the SNHC workshops, and the Family's guide to ASD. 


Mindfulness and Movement for Children. A curriculum for the school, community, hospital or home setting.  For children ages 4 to 9.

Gia's Journey - A Story of Mindfulness for Children ages 8-14.  A search for kindness and a lesson in being mindful and learning self-compassion. 

Grieving and Growing - an activity book for parents and care-givers to share with children of all ages during times of loss. 

Mindfulness and Movement for Children  curriculum.   
Gia's Journey -A Story of Mindfulness for Children

Grieving and Growing: Activities for You and Your Grieving Child 

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Share the mindfulness message with children of all ages.